Renting Your Own Instruments? Talk to Us.

Learn Why More Independent Rental Operators Are Working With VIR

Are you living in a collections and master order nightmare? Is your volume outgrowing your inventory, payroll and repair capabilities? Would you like a stream-lined band instrument rental operation without the hassles and overhead? Veritas can help. Consider these benefits:

Say Goodbye to Collections, Inventory Commitments & Cash Flow Challenges

Imagine never having to make another collections call on a Saturday afternoon, never having to deal with master order-hungry vendor reps & poor cash flow due to outrageous intro offers. While we're convinced our program is more profitable than most independent operations, the increased "opportunity profit" or gained time that can be spent promoting business, alone, makes us worth serious consideration.

The AMS Connection

Account Management Solutions (AMS) is our sister company specializing in the billing & collection of your receivable accounts. By use of state-of-the art information technology, paramount customer service and years of experience in the rent-to-own industry, not only can we dramatically reduce your operating expenses, but also improve efficiency, time management and overall profitability. AMS is not a factoring company and we do not buy paper. We simply keep a small portion of what we collect on your behalf. It's that simple!

Inventory Acquisition

Looking to liquidate your inventory? Veritas might be able to acquire your instruments through field transfers, purchase at time of rental or outright cash purchases. Want to continue renting your own instruments? No problem. The flexible nature of our program allows you to think of us more as a partner, and not so much as a provider.

Increased Convenience & Buying Power

Depending on your terms and discount levels, you may be able to buy single instruments from Veritas at a discount extending beyond your current master order pricing.

The Best in Quality, Value & Service

Whether you're a band parent or an affiliate, you'll appreciate our quality selection of brand name instruments, affordable rent-to-own programs free of interest charges and/or service fees, flexible credit requirements and friendly customer service.

Never a Conflict of Interest

Veritas Instrument Rental does not operate retail store of its own and is not part of a larger corporation in direct competition with your busines (like other programs). Our partnerships are mutually profitable.

Working Behind the Scenes

Band parents usually don't know (much less care) who Veritas is, but may recognize you as the local expert of musical instruments. And because we have no motivation to promote our name to the end-user, all marketing and advertising support from Veritas is aliassed as your business and promotes your trade name (unlike most satellite programs).